This interpretation with Rudolph the reindeer is definitely an eye-catcher.

This interpretation with Rudolph the reindeer is definitely an eye-catcher.

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The erotic sweater

Is Christmas sweater also sexy? This interpretation with Rudolph the cute japaneese lady reindeer is definitely an eye-catcher. But be careful: this sweater is not really warm.

Christmas sweaters for animals

Dogs and cats are not spared from this trend either. Because if the whole apartment is festively decorated, the pet must also match.

Sweater with dinosaurs

Of course, dinosaurs should not be missing in the contemplative time. At least they appear in a Christmas look – and are so ugly that it’s a party again.

Sweater with motifs from film and television

Of course, you can also come out as a fan of a film or series with the sweaters. Here, for example, with motifs from "star Wars" and "Rick and Morty".

Sometimes unnecessary differences are made: the police woman wears a skimpy skirt, the police man wears long trousers. There is even that in costumes for children.

The difference: there are revealing costumes even for young girls. (Source: Fotomontage / imago images)

What was the most absurd costume you’ve seen?

A user told us about a on Twitter "sexy orka"-Costume informed. Pinkstinks always deals with the topic of sexism in carnival, but that was very absurd. So I wrote a text about it.

After the publication we got more and more information. Things like "sexy baby boy" "sexy otter" "sexy ebola nurse". Or apparently more harmless "sexy elf" Costumes, the description of which said that it was a costume that fulfills men’s wishes.

What’s the problem with such costumes? 

First of all, it’s a matter of taste. But the question is: Why are there such costumes almost exclusively for women? And what does it do to them to live in a society that apparently expects that of them? 

Carnival weather forecast: It will "uncomfortable"Racism in Carnival: Dispute over costumes Briefly explained: Why do we celebrate Carnival from November?

Pinkstinks wants to draw attention to everyday sexism and advocates more diversity. We don’t want to forbid anything or play moral police. It’s about raising awareness and talking to people about why some things are not okay. The same goes for carnival: it can be a cool and fun thing, but if it’s sexist we should talk about it.

Sources used: Own research "Sexy Popess meets sexy fake news"Today: "Mom takes Party City to task over ‘sexualized’ costumes for little girls" show more sources less sources

When it comes to original and sexy carnival costumes, there are also plenty of options for chubby women. Which costumes emphasize your assets and where to find oversized disguises.

The most popular carnival costumes
Photo series with 10 pictures

Costumes that emphasize the waist and cleavage and conceal problem areas are advantageous for chubby carnival queens. So take the opportunity and choose a sexy outfit with laces or a bodice. For example, dress as a mystical sorceress, daring witch or bewitching vampire. Corresponding dresses are often tied in the so-called Empire style. That means they are laced at the chest or just below it and then fall to the floor. 

Or how about an ancient disguise as a rich Roman citizen? The typical white stole with the lacing below the chest optimally plays around problem areas. A red cape and golden accessories make the costume look particularly classy.  

Pirate outfits are also perfect carnival costumes for chubby women. Many ready-made models from specialist retailers include lightweight corsages or bodices. The skirts are often asymmetrical and playful. Depending on your taste, you can choose a knee-length or longer skirt. With this fashion you hide curves around the hips and cut a good figure from head to toe. If you wear shoes with a slight heel, this will also stretch the silhouette. 

Cloaks and loose clothing cover up problem areas

If you prefer to wear pants and a wide top, dressing up as a hippie is ideal. Another classic is disguise as a devil or angel. As a devil, you can wear black clothes with a red cape and devil horns. A long, wide throw in white is ideal for an angel costume. With a golden cord around the waist or under the breast you emphasize the figure and cleavage. Golden wings and a blonde curly wig make the cute outfit perfect. 

Find carnival costumes for the chubby online

Mardi Gras costumes for the chubby are usually not found in large selections in the usual shops. You should therefore look for your dream costume on specialized websites. There you can have several interesting outfits sent to you and try them on comfortably at home.