The worst morning sickness is over and most women are enjoying their pregnancy.

The worst morning sickness is over and most women are enjoying their pregnancy.

In addition, it is not advisable to go to exotic countries, as pregnant women have a higher risk of contracting dangerous diseases such as malaria or yellow fever. In addition, many vaccinations are not allowed during pregnancy. Caution is also advised with unknown foods, because expectant mothers are sensitive here too, uncooked or unpeeled foods should under no circumstances be consumed and the drinking water should be boiled.

Celebrate pregnancy

"Expectant mothers are becoming more and more active and do not want to restrict themselves despite having a baby bump" observed Thomas Pompernigg from Köstendorf near Salzburg. At the beginning of 2008 he had the umbrella brand with his wife Ivonne "New Life Hotels" developed. Their houses in Germany and Austria tailor their arrangements to expectant mothers. Because many women expect their first child later and later, the first is often also the last pregnancy, says Pompernigg, another reason for the demand for "Babymoon"- Offered: The prospective parents were more aware of the pregnancy and celebrated it.

Free pickles and "Stroller license"

For example, the "Stroller license" that a hotel in Kirchdorf in the Kitzbühel Alps offers. In the Baltic Sea resort of Wustrow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, parents-to-be can get tips on how to decorate their children’s rooms in a hotel – based on the principles of Feng Shui. On "Baby and children’s hotel" in Drobollach in Austria wants to attract pregnant couples with free pickles, a hotel in Vienna with a city tour by limousine. And in Florence and Rome, hotels provide a personal shopping advisor who shows guests the most beautiful baby boutiques.

Fifth month – the ideal travel time

The second trimester of pregnancy is considered the ideal travel time for a vacation with a baby bump – especially around the fifth month. In most cases, the initial adjustment difficulties have been overcome and the waist circumference is not yet so large that it restricts freedom of movement. The worst morning sickness is over and most women are enjoying their pregnancy. In addition, the risk of a miscarriage or premature birth is lowest during this period.

The right means of transport

For pregnant women, if the destination is not too far away, we recommend taking the train. It offers freedom of movement, a low risk of accidents, supplies and toilets. Driving is usually not a problem either. The prerequisite, however, is that the mother-to-be is properly strapped in. The three-point belt should not run too loosely across the chest and below the stomach. During longer car journeys, regular breaks are mandatory to stretch your legs – otherwise there is a risk of thrombosis. When flying, it should be noted that expectant mothers have their doctor checked that they are fit to fly.

Adapt activity to fitness level

At the holiday destination, the physical strain should be adapted to the personal fitness level. "Hike to the Seiseralm for the first time when pregnant is pretty russian brides not a good idea" emphasizes Potthoff. And climbing should also be avoided, because what if the pregnant woman slips or falls? Excessive sunbathing is also not recommended, knows Potthoff’s colleague Manfred Steiner from Ihringen in Baden-Württemberg. These can lead to the formation of unsightly pigment deposits in the skin. For women it is "It is particularly important to do a lot for body and soul during pregnancy" says Pompernigg. Weight gain and the "Redistribution of the figure" made life harder. A vacation by the sea is therefore ideal. There, expectant mothers can practice wellness sports like swimming.

Time out: gathering strength for the birth

It is important not to exaggerate at the holiday destination and to take actions comfortably. Time out is a good way to reduce stress and gather strength for the birth, says Ilonka Molijn-van Ginkel. The mother of two from Amersfort in the Netherlands launched the website two years ago in order to establish the American holiday concept in Europe. There are now offers from more than 90 luxury hotels worldwide.

Relaxation always in a package

The packages always include arrangements from the spa area. There the expectant mum receives baths or relaxation massages, for example. "Of course, care is always taken to ensure that no ingredients that promote labor are used" emphasizes Thomas Pompernigg. A plucking treatment should ensure a nice stomach, a peeling relaxes heavy legs, and the feet are cared for with a pedicure. Soft sports courses such as yoga for pregnant women, gymnastics or belly dancing are also becoming more popular.

Conscious time for partnership

Many couples also use the waiting time for the baby to focus on each other again and to strengthen their relationship. "This is often the last carefree vacation that prospective parents spend as a couple" observed the Englishwoman Lisa Petrocelli.

Not only in Bavaria, but also in the capital there is wheat beer. The history of the Berlin wheat beer goes back to the 16th century. Today it is especially popular as a summer refreshment.

Facts about alcohol
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Berliner Weissbier: drink with Hamburg origins

Berlin wheat beer, often too "Berliner Weisse" called, is a top-fermented beer that can be bought on every street corner in the capital. According to tradition, however, the history of the drink leads to Hamburg. In the 16th century, the brewer Cord Broyhan returned to his homeland Hanover after years of apprenticeship in Hamburg. He tried to brew the Hamburg beer, which was popular at the time, but did not succeed. According to the German Brewers’ Association, Broyhan instead created another, new type of wheat beer called Broyhan.

This popular beer was further refined in Berlin. The local brewers created a tasty and wholesome wheat beer, which soon became known as "Berlinisches Weitzenbier" enjoyed great popularity. Meanwhile, the drink belongs according to the "Daily mirror" to "Ark of Taste" the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and thus has the status of a regional cultural heritage.

Attention, beer belly ?: Calories in alcohol – beer, wine and Co. are fattening foods "Oa measure, here you go": Oktoberfest beer – This is how it tastes 2015 Gift idea: Brewing seminar as a Father’s Day gift Lenten beer – liquid bread from the monastery

Syrup drives away the light acidity

Berliner Weißbier is a popular summer drink because it only contains around 3 percent alcohol. It is obtained from top-fermenting brewer’s yeast and lactic acid bacteria and thus has a pleasantly sour taste. Nowadays, however, Berliner Weissbier is often not known as beer, but as a fizzy drink mixed with woodruff or raspberry syrup. The original tart aroma takes a backseat due to the syrup. In pubs it is usually served in a hemispherical glass and with a straw.

First "Dove" then "Brigitte" and now "H&M.": More and more corporations are saying goodbye to size zero models and increasingly relying on curvy women in their advertising. Attractive curves, in which many customers find themselves, are the new ideal of beauty. Which advertising strategy is behind it and whether it really has a future.

Fashion for the chubby: "H&M." relies on curvy beauties
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Diversity instead of a slim uniform look is the order of the day

"Some of our models were way too thin" acknowledges Karl-Johann Persson, CEO "H&M." in an interview with the US magazine "metro". The fashion chain wants to work on that. The first steps have already been taken. The current swimwear campaign shows the plus-size model Jennie Runk confidently in skimpy beachwear. The photos are beautiful, aesthetic and should encourage other women. Also with the US singer Beyoncé, H&M an attractive woman who tries not to hide her curves.

Difference is to be shown "H&M." especially important, says Perrson. "We want to show diversity in our advertising and not give people a fixed picture of what a woman should look like". Basically, all model types are therefore included "H&M." asked whether slim or voluptuous – "as long as they look healthy" stresses the "H&M."-Boss. He thinks it is quite likely that such impulses will spread to the wider fashion industry – even if the change will still take time.

This swimwear flatters every figure. Chic for the summer: The main thing is the feel-good effect. Spring fashion 2013 for the plump: Spring is colorful and curvy

Dove women show theirs "true beauty"

At "Dove" the change started much earlier: with your advertising campaign "True beauty" the cosmetics brand caused a sensation back in 2004. The risk of showing women in their spots who do not correspond to the traditional image of beauty paid off for the cosmetics company "Unilever" out. The women depicted, sometimes slim, sometimes slightly overweight, with wrinkles, tattoos or gray hair, sparked discussions "real beauty" attracted a lot of attention.

However, not all of the comments were positive: the women, apart from small pimples or wrinkles, have an almost flawless skin, criticize critics like blogger Jezebel. For a brand that wants to sell skin-tightening cosmetics, this is not surprising. But it ensures that the images of women from "Dove" The Viennese sociologist Professor Eva Flicker also criticizes it. Nonetheless, the majority of women welcomed the campaign: Right from the start it received great international recognition and fueled product sales, like the magazines "horizon" and "Handelsblatt" reported.

"Brigitte" rebels against madness

It was a small revolution when one of the largest women’s magazines in Germany suddenly ditched its models. "Without models – against the slimming mania" was the motto of the "Brigitte"Campaign in 2010. The aim was to show women with whom readers could identify who "are not subject to the often perverse laws of the model business, but are in the middle of life" as the "Brigitte"- Editor-in-Chief announced at the time. The campaign started in January 2010, but not with resounding success. After almost three years, the women’s magazine returned to professional models at the end of 2012.

"Brigitte" attributes this decision to the criticism of her readers, for whom the women still seemed too beautiful, too chic, too stylized. And that disturbed the picture and built up pressure, as some readers complained: "I sometimes feel distracted from fashion when a perfectly normal woman is shown. And, yes, also under pressure: If the woman from the street looks so beautiful in the photos in ‘Brigitte’, that makes you feel inferior" quoted the magazine from its letters to the editor. Still wants to "Brigitte" no return to false, spindly models. Today the magazine shows a mix of professional and amateur models. Size-zero models have finally been banned from the magazine – a clear step towards a healthier understanding of beauty, which hopefully other companies will soon follow.

Those who have chosen the Berchtesgadener Land for their skiing holiday can look forward to holidays full of variety in ideal skiing conditions.