The driver is a professional in driving

The driver is a professional in driving

This profession suits almost every car owner. You can turn into a professional driver from a motorist at any time, if you wish.

Average salary: 48,000 rubles per month

Profession rating

Demand 83% Payability 67% Competition 71% Entry barrier 38% Perspectives 40% ContentHistoryDescriptionSpecialties and educational institutionsDutiesWho suitsHow much getCareerPerspectives

A driver is a worker who, on a professional basis, drives a vehicle (freight, light, special, passenger). It can transport people, goods and various types of specialized equipment installed on the basis of a vehicle.

History of the profession

The profession of a driver arose simultaneously with the appearance of the first self-propelled mechanism with a steam engine in 1769. Only a specially trained person could operate this structure. In the years 1885-1886, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz introduced cars on gasoline internal combustion engines. Subsequently, the design of cars underwent numerous changes, their specialization appeared, but the profession of a driver took root, and now it is impossible to imagine human life without it.

By the way, many are interested in the correct name of the profession – a driver or a driver. Originally, the French word “chauffeur” meant “stoker” or “stoker”: the so-called people who monitored the amount of coal in the furnaces of steam cars and replenished it when necessary. The term “driver” refers us to the concept of “driving” a vehicle. However, now the difference in terminology has disappeared, and the profession of a chauffeur has become synonymous with the profession of a driver.

Description and characteristics of the profession

Often people wonder if the driver is who: the one who drives the car, or the one who serves it. The main function of a chauffeur is to control the vehicle and deliver people, goods or equipment to the required place in a timely and safe manner. Also, the driver must be able to carry out maintenance of the machine and carry out minor repairs. Specially trained mechanics (minders, electricians, etc.) work with more serious breakdowns.

There are several categories of driving licenses that enable drivers hero essay to work in certain modes of transport:

category A – motorcycles;category B – cars, minibuses (up to 9 seats) and trucks up to 3.5 tons;category C – medium trucks over 3.5 tons and heavy over 7.5 tons;category D – buses;category M – mopeds.

There are a number of subcategories A1, B1, C1, D1 that detail the main categories. The suffix E added to the category indicates the right to drive the respective vehicle with a trailer. Professionals who want to work on trolleybuses and trams must have Tm and Tb categories, respectively. For special transport (truck cranes, garbage trucks, dump trucks, long trucks), appropriate skills are also required.

Directions, specialties and educational institutions by training profile

To work as a driver, you do not need any education other than basic secondary. It is enough to complete a driving course, obtain a license of the appropriate category and be able to professionally drive a car. In practice, the employer usually requires more work experience and pays attention to the presence or absence of accidents.

Further education is required to rank higher in the hierarchy. First of all, we are talking about primary vocational (vocational school) or secondary specialized education (technical schools, colleges). The most optimal specialties are:

maintenance and repair of motor vehicles,transport service (by type of car),organization of transportation and management of transport (by type).

Training in these specialties is carried out in each region, so it will not be difficult to choose a suitable educational institution. This, by the way, is one of the advantages of being a driver.

As for driving schools, there are a lot of them in all cities of the country. It is only important to choose a school where the level of teaching is at the proper level. You can focus on the ratings of the best driving schools in the cities of Russia.

Professional responsibilities

The driver is obliged:

before leaving the garage, check the condition of the main systems of the car (brake, steering), the presence of fuel, water, engine oil;perform daily maintenance (lubrication, refueling, washing, inspection);professionally drive a vehicle for the safe transportation of people and goods;ensure the safety of cargo and the comfort of passengers;follow traffic rules and monitor instrument readings;correctly draw up documentation;eliminate minor breakdowns, if necessary, call a repair team;provide first aid.

In addition, depending on the transport used, other duties may be assigned to the driver: ensuring the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, control of additional mechanisms, etc.

Who suits

The job of a car driver is suitable for people who love the road and have a number of characteristics:

diligence, hard work and responsibility,speed of reaction and eye,the ability to foresee the development of the situation and make the right decision in time,concentration of attention and coordination of movements,psychological stability.

Also, the driver is required to know the structure of the car, traffic rules, the ability to read instrument readings, the ability to maneuver in traffic and drive in bad road and weather conditions.

To work on vehicles for the transport of passengers, employers require job seekers to fulfill additional conditions. For example, a very common profession is a bus driver. Before becoming a bus driver, you must not only obtain a category D license, but also reach the age of 21 and acquire at least 3 years of experience as a driver. Some large companies (for example, “Mosgortrans”) have their own training facilities.


The driver’s salary depends very much on the type of vehicle, conditions and place of work, the employing company and the qualifications of the employee himself. On average, according to statistics, drivers earn from 60 to 80 thousand rubles a month. But you need to understand that the salary of a car driver in a budgetary organization and a truck driver can differ significantly. Using your own car for work also significantly increases the level of income.

How to build a career

Chauffeurs have no great career prospects. Having received the rights of a higher category, they can switch to driving a higher paid mode of transport. After additional training, the driver can take the position of chief mechanic, garage manager, etc. If you have your own car, you can work as a taxi driver in a taxi company or privately.

Profession prospects

If a person has become a driver and at the same time has a high responsibility and does not abuse alcohol, then in life he will not be lost. This is one of the most demanded professions in the labor market today, and in the near future it is not threatened with extinction.