Source: obs / IKEA Deutschland GmbH Co

Source: obs / IKEA Deutschland GmbH Co

Our strategy will be that we want to win the game." When asked whether he had practiced penalty shootouts with his team before the knockout game, Bosz replied with a smile: "We practice this every week. Even if there are no Europa League games."

Most luxury cell phones look ostentatious, cost half a fortune, but usually don’t do more than a 20-euro cheap cell phone. The watch manufacturer TAG Heuer wants to break new ground here: According to the manufacturer, the TAG Heuer Racer smartphone has one "High-speed processor" and is expected to have Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" with a three-dimensional user interface on board. The design of the TAG Heuer Racer is based on motorsport.

The technical equipment of the TAG Heuer Racer can certainly keep up with modern smartphones: The luxury smartphone is powered by a fast 1 gigahertz processor. The smartphone shoots photos with a resolution of five megapixels. The 3.5 inch display is not huge, but it is sufficient to conveniently control all applications on the touchscreen.

3D user interface

The technological highlight of the luxury cell phone, however, is the user interface: The manufacturer has modified it so that owners of the TAG Heuer Racer a three-dimensional user interface is available. According to an official press release, the Google Android operating system, which is no longer entirely fresh, is coming to the smartphone "Gingerbread" for use.

However, independent sources reported that Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" for the market launch in July on the Racer should be. Man can be curious.

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The materials used are the same as for Day, this year Usually in a class of its own: the cell phone is made of special titanium, which is also used in the Day, this year- Watches, in Formula 1 racing cars and in luxury jets. It is extremely hard and corrosion-resistant, yet twice as light as steel. The highly polished and finely brushed stainless steel is of the highest quality and is particularly kind to the skin.

Gold model

In the TAG Heuer Racer-There are several models in the series: The model "Sport Classic" is made of dark gray rubber and 316L stainless steel and that "Precious gold" made of 18-carat red gold.

The heart of this range is that "Full carbon orange": The front is made entirely of carbon fiber and black rubber, with a stainless steel frame coated with black PVD, which is marked in color with orange racing stripes. The back cover of the "Full carbon orange" consists of a polished carbon fiber board with polished black PVD on the sides and sidebars in orange.

TAG Heuer smartphone for 2800 euros

Interested parties have to dig deep into their pockets for the luxury smartphone, which will be available at your trusted jeweler from July: the manufacturer’s starting price for the TAG Heuer Racer is 2800 euros. The models "Full carbon orange" and "Precious gold" will be correspondingly more expensive. Take a look at the TAG Heuer Racer and also our article on the most spectacular premium cell phones from TAG Heuer, Prada and Ferrari.

At the turn of the year, the Post actually wanted to increase the postage. But the Federal Network Agency has not given permission for this for the time being. Can customers even hope for lower prices for letters and cards? 

Deutsche Post has to wait with the increase in postage originally planned for the turn of the year. Because it has not submitted all the necessary data, the Federal Network Agency is putting the approval process for the price increase on hold.

Postage remains at 70 cents for the time being

"A final decision is not possible due to the current changes at Deutsche Post AG", the head of the network agency, Jochen Homann, justifies the move. The currently valid prices therefore remained in force for the time being. The network agency has announced a decision on future postage for the first half of 2019.

However, postal customers cannot hope for price reductions. According to the current status of the investigation "do not expect falling fees", it says in the decision of the Federal Network Agency. Postage for standard letters was last increased in 2016 from 62 to 70 cents. Reports that the Post is aiming for an increase to 80 cents, the company had described as speculation. Price increases in the licensed mail business must be approved by the Federal Network Agency.

Increase only possible in 2019

The background to the provisional suspension of the proceedings is the profit warning issued by the Post last summer. In June, CEO Frank Appel announced an extensive cost-cutting program due to persistent problems in the domestic mail and parcel business, including expensive early retirement schemes for civil servants and additional investments. Shortly afterwards, Swiss Post parted with its board member, Jürgen Gerdes, who was responsible for the business area.

The Federal Network Agency complained that the post had not sufficiently proven the costs and future savings of the program. "Our decision for the coming years is only reliable if we can assess the cost situation and sales development"says head of the authorities Homann. The post wants to deliver the required information by November 30, says a spokeswoman for the Federal Network Agency.

Deutsche Post shares continue to slide

On the stock exchange, the network agency’s decision caught Deutsche Post’s shares coldly. At times it slipped almost four percent into the red and landed at the bottom of the Dax. Swiss Post is already struggling with earnings problems. When the business figures for the second quarter were presented, it had reported a decrease in profits of 14 percent. "We still have challenges"Finance director Melanie Kreis said at the time.

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The Federal Network Agency must agree to a postage increase

The Federal Network Agency decides in a three-stage process about price increases for letter postage. First, based on the documents submitted by Swiss Post, it sets a framework for future prices. In a subsequent consultation procedure, Swiss Post, its competitors, consumer associations and the Federal Cartel Office can comment. 

Only when the network agency has finally determined its specifications can Swiss Post submit the specific prices for letters and postcards for approval. This procedure could not be completed so quickly that higher prices could be introduced at the turn of the year, the authority announced.

Sources used: dpa

The department store group Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof wants to hold onto its logistics location in Essen. The employees can therefore breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. In other cities, however, it looks bleak.

The large warehouse of the Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof department store group in Essen-Vogelheim will be retained. As the group announced on Tuesday, they will hold onto the logistics location in Essen – and thus probably continue to employ the majority of the 400 employees on site.

Karstadt-Quelle sold its entire logistics division to DHL in 2005. So far, it has also handled the fashion logistics for Karstadt in Essen via a subsidiary, Fashion GmbH. But the DHL employees on site recently had to fear whether the major customer would be retained in the course of the restructuring. A service contract with the Post subsidiary was not extended beyond March 31, 2020. But now one thing is certain: The location on Hafenstrasse should remain in place in the future. 

In other cities, however, it looks completely different. The locations in Frechen and Erfurt as well as four smaller regional distribution centers in Stuttgart, Würzburg, Hanover and Berlin will be closed. The company announced in Essen that the balance of interests and the social plan were signed on Monday. Around 600 jobs are affected, it was learned from the group.

Structures are to be rearranged

Karstadt had already announced in 2018 that it wanted to reorganize logistics together with the service provider Fiege. The group sees logistics as one of its key growth areas for the future, also for third-party customers. But after the merger of Karstadt and Kaufhof it became necessary to reorganize the existing structures.

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The restructuring of the logistics division is intended to save personnel and material costs so that third-party business can also be operated on competitive terms in the future, according to the group.

In addition to the remaining large logistics locations in Unna, Essen-Vogelheim and Cologne-Porz, many of the 180 department stores are also to be used as so-called city hubs for delivering to customers on the last mile.

Sources used: dpa news agency"WAZ"

The furniture company warns of the risk of injury from the ceiling light "Calypso" and urges customers to return the product. The reason: the glass screen could fall off.

Ikea has the ceiling light "Calypso" called back. Customers have reported that the glass screen could come off, the company announced in a press release. "The likelihood of the umbrella falling is very low"says Emilie Knoester from Ikea.

"Calypso" Ceiling light: The glass shade on this product can fall out. (Source: obs / IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG / Inter IKEA Systems)

It’s about this product

This affects ceiling lights that were produced after August 1, 2016 and are date stamped from 1625 to 1744.

Date stamp: The marking can be found under the lampshade. (Source: Screenshot dismantling instructions from Ikea)

Should prevent misuse: Ikea further restricts the right of return Strict conditions for the right of return: Ikea wants to buy back used furniture – with exceptions Correct complaint: This is how it works without a receipt

Customers can return the lights and get a new ceiling light in exchange "Calypso" or refund the full purchase price. A receipt is not required.

Sources used: press release Ikea via ""

The preppy style is a cheeky look that self-ironic men can use to loosen up their wardrobe. But where does this fashion come from and how do you become a chic preppy yourself? You can find out that and more here.

If you give yourself the preppy style, somehow you seem like a conservative and well-heeled nerd – and that’s exactly the point of the matter. The fashion style originally emerged in the 1950s and was worn by privileged private students and college students who wanted to show their wealth and demonstrate that they belong to an upper social class. In the 80s, too, the fashionable style became a real hit again – with the so-called poppers. Today the preppy style is back, but no longer just for rich boys who go to school, but for men who are fashion-conscious but don’t take themselves too seriously, but rather play with the old clichés. The clothing of a Preppy is predominantly upscale and sporty: A real Preppy includes a chic polo shirt without any ifs or buts. But chinos, tank tops, moccasins and V-neck sweaters can also be found in heaps in preppy wardrobes. Blazers, tweed jackets or even chic corduroy jackets give the outfit a little more weight. Not to be forgotten is the nerd accessory par excellence: thick horn-rimmed glasses.

If fashion-conscious people use the look of the bourgeois nerd today, then they wear the individual pieces because they are beautiful and not because they want to show how high their bank balance is. In terms of color, a lot is allowed, especially for tops and shoes: pastel tones in all variations as well as red, green and blue are always acceptable. For trousers, you should go for dark blue or green or khaki. Black, on the other hand, doesn’t go well with the real preppy style. If you wear the trendy chino pants, your look will be even more eye-catching when you roll up your pant legs once or twice and wear cloth shoes or moccasins without socks. In winter, on the other hand, the style becomes perfect when you visibly adorn your feet with colorful or patterned socks. Sailing shoes in particular are typical for preppy wearers, but today sneakers or chucks are also good alternatives. If you wear the outft for a more chic occasion, it can be quickly upgraded by choosing a different shoe, for example classic brogues with hole decoration. A classic shirt instead of a sporty polo shirt makes the look a bit more elegant.

The little subtleties of preppy style

A shirt also looks good under the sweater. The tips of the shirt collar are held under the collar of the sweater and are therefore not visible. If you are heated up during a garden party in summer temperatures, then you can put the sweater around your shoulders in a stylish manner. The sleeves are not knotted, as you often see, but instead pushed into one another. You can add small highlights with cufflinks or a tie. The neck tie should be narrow and can be pastel colored, but also striped or checked. The revived fashion style brings with it some liberalism, because the conservative high school students of that time would of course have rejected such combinations. If you don’t feel like wearing a tie, a stylish tie scarf with a polo shirt or sweater is also ideal.