Representatives of this construction specialty are personally responsible for the project.

Representatives of this construction specialty are personally responsible for the project.

Effective handling of new methods also presupposes the training of personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills, which leads to the emergence of new professions of the future. These include – this profession will reduce the likelihood of errors and the timing of the project, and also reduce its cost.

What is a BIM Design Manager?

BIM-manager-designer is a specialist whose activity is to support an object throughout its entire life cycle. At the heart of BIM-technologies (BIM – Building Information Modeling, in translation building information modeling) is an integrated approach to building design, including:

collection and processing of technological, architectural, design, economic and other data about the object; consideration of the elements related to the object as a whole.

A feature of the technology is the ability to add or exclude additional attributes and automatically change all the parameters taken into account when making edits to the project.

The concept first appeared in the United States in the 1970s. Since the mid-80s, it has been used for the construction of large facilities in Europe, and later the world experience in information modeling was adopted in Russia. In 2016, the government approved a list of instructions for the creation of a legal framework, which implies a gradual transition to BIM technologies until 2020.

The main product of the work of a BIM-manager-designer is a detailed 3-dimensional model that completely repeats the future construction object. It is created using special software and based on a single database, drawings, plans, architectural visualization. As a result, the customer receives a complete set of data on the timing, cost of the necessary materials and equipment, and the operating conditions of the facility. Upon completion of construction, the model is transferred to the management company, which makes it possible to view the location of communications and facilitates maintenance.

The successful implementation of a project requires a specialist to have a number of professional skills and knowledge. He must:

be able to work with documentation; know the main stages of construction; be able to identify and eliminate errors; apply methods of analysis and evaluation; master the basics of operational planning and leadership; be able to use specialized software for information modeling; know a foreign language, physics, mathematics, IT technologies.

The BIM manager-designer has a wide range of responsibilities, which include:

identifying goals and developing a project implementation plan; providing example of a close reading essay on the play the tragic hero technical support to architects, engineers, construction team leaders and other workers involved in the project; selection of personnel for work on the project, as well as their training; control over compliance with project deadlines; BIM technology management, error prevention; creating backups; full project support; control and coordination of employees; holding meetings and consultations at each stage of implementation; development of regulations, libraries of general data; implementation of BIM standards.

What personal qualities should a BIM manager-designer have?

The profession is suitable for people with a technical mindset and inclined to study the exact sciences. Due to the constant updating of technologies, programs and methods, the specialist should be characterized by the ability to quickly master new knowledge and curiosity.

A leading position presupposes the presence of leadership qualities and the ability to effectively interact with the parties involved in the project. BIM-manager-designer is a calm and sensible person, each decision of which is made after long reflections, taking into account professional recommendations from other specialists. He knows how to convey his point of view and listen to others. Criticism against him should not be perceived as a threat, but as a guide to action.

Since a BIM specialist is not only engaged in the design of the facility, but also is responsible for the construction of the facility as a whole, attention to detail is of great importance. The office nature of the work and the need for long-term concentration on one object requires perseverance and concentration from the specialist. Analytical and visualization skills are equally important. Very often, a BIM manager-designer conducts training for new employees, so he needs to possess the qualities inherent in teachers.

Benefits of the profession of BIM manager-designer

The active introduction of BIM technologies determines the high demand for the profession. Many engineering consulting, construction and architectural design companies show great interest in experienced professionals, offering them comfortable working conditions and competitive wages. To date, the average income of a BIM manager is 75-120 thousand rubles a month.

The profession has not yet received mass distribution in the labor market, so there is a low level of competition. The prestige and the possibility of filling a managerial position attracts representatives of related specialties, who, if they wish, can quickly master new knowledge. For applicants and students interested in construction and innovative technologies, the choice in favor of this profession will provide them with interesting work with great prospects.

Most employers are ready to train young professionals, providing them with the necessary tools for development. In order to gain new knowledge and exchange experience, employees visit various forums and conferences abroad, which allows not only to improve their qualifications, but also to travel.

Disadvantages of the profession of BIM manager-designer

Representatives of this profession often experience stress caused by great stress. Companies that have just started the transition to BIM technologies need employees who can establish a workflow, which necessitates the need to work outside of normal hours. For the same reason, despite the absence of high competition, young specialists with no experience have difficulties in finding a job.

It will be difficult for people not seeking new knowledge to succeed. The profession involves training throughout the entire career path, so specialists who do not follow the changes in the industry will become outsiders and lose all their advantages.

Representatives of this construction profession are personally responsible for the project. Therefore, every mistake will cost them not only their reputation, but can also lead to more serious consequences.

Where can you get the profession of BIM manager-designer?

The process of mastering this profession is long and difficult. At the same time, training programs for specialists cause many problems, since conservative and inflexible education does not work here. Specialists must go beyond it, stay ahead of trends, and for this they need to devote a lot of time to self-education and repeated retraining.

Future BIM design managers should be careful when choosing an educational institution. At the first stages, it is necessary to graduate from one of the specialized technical or architectural and construction universities. Although they do not yet offer appropriate training programs, many are actively working to create a methodological base and highlight this area of ​​training in a separate course. The universities that are most focused on this issue include:

National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering; Moscow Architectural Institute; St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering; Pacific State University; State University of Land Management.

An alternative way to master the profession is to study at a construction college, after which you can get a higher education in the field of information technology.

For specialists in the construction industry who have been working in the profession for more than one year and who want to retrain as a BIM manager-designer, there is an opportunity to undergo training in specialized courses.