It’s not you, it’s your grammar: Poor grammar ranks as top dating turn off

It’s not you, it’s your grammar: Poor grammar ranks as top dating turn off

A: How did you, Elizabeth Rose and Sam all meet? S: I met Sam in 2003 when we were both participating in a charity event, and I had the good fortune of meeting Elizabeth through my job in 2006. I thought they were both great and as luck would have it when I finally got around to introducing them, they hit it off too. And the rest as they say, is history. A: What do you find most satisfying about running your blog? S: Well, for me personally outside of loving the writing, I really enjoy the interaction with our tweeps, having the opportunity to meet new people, and all the learning that comes with running the blog. My interview subjects, the reading I do to write certain posts and the people I meet at the various events we attend because of/cover for the blog all give me lots to think about and learn from. [blackbirdpie id=”54838554278375424″] A: What is one golden piece of advice that’s never steered you wrong?adult friend finder list S: Never ever be afraid to ask for what you want. Any particular one is courtesy of Mr. Sam Sharpe.

A: When you’re not dishing the dirt on your blog and on Twitter, what are you doing with your free time? S: Reading, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, reading, working out, spending as much time as I can on my back and…did I already say reading? A: What would you be doing, if you weren’t doing this (the blog, the job and that sort of stuff?) S: In an ideal world I’d spend all my time travelling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. A: Like Taylor, you have epic boobage. Do you think that positively or negatively affects your love life? S: Neither. Those that like ‘em, like ‘em a lot, and those that don’t probably don’t even stop to give me the time of day. So, it all works out in the end, no? [blackbirdpie id=”55818749915308032″] A: Any final thoughts for our readers or shout outs? S: Yeah. Fuck More and Buy Less. If we all did that the world would be a much happier and healthier place. Just sayin’. Thanks and congrats to Skye Blue; I kinda wish we had something cool to send the woman, but there’s only a lot of cock picks she’ll tolerate from me (actually, truth be told, the resolution required to get my penis on a digital photo requires a lot of space, so it breaks email servers when I send one out!) Please go Check out right now! It’s a beautiful site, very slick and chock full of amazing content.

Go check it out! What? You never believe me??! Just DO IT! FIN Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Featured, Interviews Tagged in: elizabeth rose, met another frog, sam sharpe, skye blue Challenge Yourself and win some cool stuff in the process There was a point in time, in my early twenties, when I decided I was going to take a break from dating women. I’d just gotten dumped in pretty terri-bad sort of way and I was repeating similar mistakes and perusing similar types of relationships. Something had to change, but I didn’t know what.

I just knew something needed to change. I stopped dating. I stopped dating and began to focus on myself. I went out lot less, which designed I wasn’t hitting the bars quite so much. That’s not what I was trying to do, you see. It was a ‘happy’ side-effect of quitting a particular type of behavior. I began jogging and eventually ran a couple of 5Ks with friends and then worked up to a 10K. These were things that I didn’t even see as a possibility at the time.

But as I started to slim down from the activities I was engaged in and also had a healthier diet because I wasn’t eating out and drinking every night. Nice! My point with all of this is that without really trying or setting a goal, one little change (or big, if you count my dating as some twisted co-dependency schtick) affected many other, small, positive changes. It could be eating healthier and dieting, it could be a simple weight loss goal. The point is to challenge yourself. I began to feel better about myself, because I was actually not so much a lump on a log anymore. I was getting out and doing stuff, while concentrating on this guy, numero uno. I did this for about two years before I began dating again; with a renewed perspective and a new sense of self-worth. It’s made all the difference in my life. Now I challenge you! I’m not challenging you to stop dating, too. Instead I’m challenging you to make a simple change. Bistro MD is sponsoring a Health Challenge for readers of the Urban Dater to start living more healthy.

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So what do you get out of this challenge, other than feeling better about yourself? There are some prizes, kids. A week’s worth of healthy weight loss meals an iPad2 An $500 Shopping Spress How do I participate in this health challenge? Simple! Simply visit BistroMD’s Facebook Page: and get started! More Awesome++ Stuff to get you motivated! is also offering FREE Shipping for 1st week of meals to our readers, fans and followers. When you signup be sure to use the following coupon code: “ChooseHealth“ Who is BistroMD BistroMD delivers meals for a lighter, healthier you. Every meal is hand-prepared by our chefs and provides the proper scientific blend of lean adequate protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat ratios to support healthy weight loss. BistroMD uses quality, natural ingredients without hormones, added fillers and unnecessary additives or

This means no MSG, no Trans Fats, just delicious meals that are good for you. Five days of meals start as low as $129.95 a week. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated by the advertiser to write this post. I was provided with the subject matter to write about but my thoughts, opinions and words are 100% mine. All information contained on this blog is copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook2Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Featured, Self Tagged in: health Because he’s feeling like a jerk, Yannibmbr wanted me to tell about my “jerk” moment of breaking up. In my defense, I was young and this was the first guy I’d ever slept with. We’d been dating long distance for two months before he flew his unemployed ass out to meet me. We spent that night in a hotel room and had wonderful sex. Yes, I lost my virginity in a hotel room. A nice clean hotel room. So there! The rest of the weekend was sneaking in sex in between staying with my parents. I was a broke college student living with my folks at the time.

So yeah, he was tortured with meeting my family. I really wanted to be in love, and convinced myself that I was. Two months later, I was to fly out to see him for Christmas. I’d had gnawing thoughts that this relationship wasn’t going to work long term, but I ignored it. I didn’t have money for the ticket, so I convinced him to pay for it and I’d pay him back. I arrive after spending 5 hours on a plane. My first plane flight ever. I was not in a good mood. Bitch would probably have suitable me well at that point. He wanted to hug and snuggle, and I wanted a cool drink and shower. I eventually relaxed. The next morning, he wakes me as he heads off to his temp-job. He has a ring box in his hand. He opens it and its a yellow gold diamond eternity band. Its pretty and looks expensive.

He says its a promise ring, and is all excited about giving it to me. I however am flipping the shit out. He’s relatively unemployed. He bought my ticket. He is now presenting me with expensive jewelry.. diamonds.. Alarm bells went off in my head. I started to question his ability to be responsible with money. Let alone the whole freaking waking me up in the morning and being cheery (seriously thats a good way to get hurt). It didn’t get better. The very next day I had a chance to speak to his roommate (which btw I totally fell in love with, awesome guy) who told me that my ex didn’t have much financial sense. His mother and father were loaded and financially gave him whatever he wanted.

Great! A couple days later, we go out with his friends. We’re heading to a bar, and since my ID is out of state the bouncer thinks its fake and calls the cops. The entire party goes inside and leaves me out there alone. (My ex stays inside oblivious) Even though I know my ID is real, I had never ever had any kind of run-in with the cops before. I was a little scared. The cop came and called it in, while asking me inane questions about my home state Nebraska. They finally let me in and I found my ex happily cavorting with his friends. To say I was steamed was putting things mildly, but since we were out with friends, I put a smile on. Things just spiraled downhill from there. My family’s Christmas is cheap btw. No one spends a whole lot of money on anyone. It’s flaunting your riches if you do. So when I went to his family’s Christmas and he brought out the $400 watch he’d bought me, the $50 leather wallet, and a bunch of other trinkets… I kinda threw a fit. (Lets just forget that the watch looked like something my mother would wear) His parents bought me normal things (hats, mittens, etc).. thank God. He insisted that I keep the watch. I insisted that it be returned.

We compromised. He said he’d take me to the store to look and see if there was some other watch I’d rather have. I humored him. I wasn’t going to pick out that expensive of a watch. period. I’m a klutz.. or at least I was back then.. that $400 watch would have been demolished in a matter of weeks. We ended up returning the watch, walking next door and buying a $20 fashion watch.

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Like a chicken, I waited until I got home to break up with him. I did it in a phone call. I explained it wasn’t working and that I didn’t love him. I kept the diamond ring, and I never paid for the plane ticket. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading…

Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: breaking up, Dating, virginity Oh, yes, tentacle pr0n. Who else is salivating?? Today’s question is… Odd. That is, I don’t understand it. Therefore, because I am a glutton for weird stuff and punishment, let’s just get right to it. Our odd and creepy question comes from Party Pants McPhee, from I am a man with few interests and, really, no kinks. So how would one go about developing a fetish anyway? Seriously. — P.P. McPhee Well, P.P., let me tell you, again, this is an odd question.

I’ve tackled the topic of what I feel are contributing factors in developing a fetish. Good stuff, right? My former partner had a particularly vile post on the topic as well; but the vile hooligan yanked it… Oh well. Now, before I get into this particular question let us examine what a fetish is. What a Fetish is… Fetish: A course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment. What I’ve observed, from my personal experiences, which are not at all rooted in science or dumb shit like that, is that fetishes are generated during the formative years when one witnesses something they don’t quite understand and somehow it is committed to memory, then they watch some movie with dancing ants, wearing top hats, rubbing their ass in someone’s face. Kaboom! A fetish is born. Yeah. I observed that shit, bro! Look, it doesn’t take much to figure out what you like. Start with your “run of the mill” fetishes.

Like what? I think we should cover a few of the basic and less basic options, so you can get a read of the fetish landscape. Gateway Fetishes — These fetishes are considered “normal” because they are a little more common place and familiar, while also being simple to understand. These fetishes lead to a love for other weird and twisted shit. These are accessible because media and society helps us objectify women in all sorts of ways. In NYC, I saw a skyscraper sized image of Alex Morgan, sinewy, kicking something… Sure, she had clothing on, but it was “skimpy.” It obviously only begins from there. Women are objectified in ads ranging from hair coloring products, to mouth wash and beer. Foot Fetish (podophilia) Hair Fetish Shoe Fetish Breasts Less Vanilla Fetishes — These get a bit more interesting and more specific. Submission and Domination — I live in this area in some instances. I like being told what direction to go and feel some pain with my pleasure. Also, I tire of being in control. Innately, we gravitate to being a “top” or “bottom” sexual personality. I’ve read that there have been studies conducted that hypothesize that ones preference for one or the other is determined before birth… I’ll try to dig up the link for ya.

Leather, Rubber, Latex — Some like this for the feel, some like it for how the object of their desire looks wearing outfits made from these materials. There’s a definite pornographic association with the aforementioned materials. Don’t believe. Go to your local Poonography shop and peruse pretty much anything and you’ll see what I mean. Fruit Crushing — Okay. I don’t really have an idea why this one exists… But I also have no fucking idea why no one tried to detonate N-Sync back in the day. Whatevs. Let’s spank it, kids! Fetishes That Make Others Go “Hmmm” — Now this is the part of the journey where you’re running into the roads less travelled. These fetishes range from watching people do it, to doing nasty things to… robots.

Which, hey, if that’s your thing, go for it. I read about this shit at the Sex Museum in NYC recently. It exists! Voyeurism – Folks who like to watch others have sex. Typically the person watching the sexual fireworks going on are also watching their significant other getting boinked. Often, yet not always. Robot…ism? Again, not sure I understand this one. And I’m a pretty understanding dude, kids. There’s certainly no shortage of computer related puns but I think those sort of miss the mark here… Autoerotic Asphyxiation.

 Related, of course, to the submission and domination game. What this really comes down to is choking your chicken and… uh… eating it, too?? More than a few people end of killing themselves in this fashion. Choke your chicken safely, folks. Furries! Fuck you! Go look this shit up yourselves, goddammit! Quite a list of fetishes to acquire, huh? This list is so not comprehensive… At all.  Hey, but it’s a start. Right? Right! So take these fetishes, do your research and see which one makes your, ahem, pants tighter and then go to a site like FetLife and see if you can find any accomodating deviants to “get on” with. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Sex Tagged in: ask the urban dater, Sex The Teacher – Hank Moody Today, I’m excited to share a guest post from Ross Simmonds, a Modern Day Ad man, surviving in Canada.

He’s got a great blog you should check out and after much begging on my part contributed an article to the Urban Dater. Hopefully we can get him to come back and do some more! That said, kids, enjoy! – Alex There are always one or two fictional characters with characteristics we envy. Ranging from the negotiation skills of Ari Gold to the manliness of Don Draper. These characters are able to carry themselves in way that many of us can only dream of. We recognize that these individuals are fictional but also recognize the qualities that make these characters memorable. What if I told you that one could be any character you wanted to be? Would you believe me? Well you should. You see, each of us have the ability to change. While change is very difficult and often times uncomfortable, if were changing for the right reasons, then at the end of the day, it will all were worth it. A character whose recently caught my eye is that of Hank Moody from the HBO series; Californication. Why would a womanizing, alcohol guzzling, party animal and off-beat father catch my eye? Well, a few reasons. First, I want to admit that I think Hank Moody has a lot of issues.

That said, I also think Hank Moody carries himself in a manner that many individuals envy. I’ve taken a look at Hank Moodys character and identified a few things about him that gives him an edge over every other man in the room. These lessons aren’t going to turn you into a successful businessman or someone who immediately knows how to attract women. They will however, give you some insight and applicable items that you can leave and apply immediately to your own situation. Here goes… Family should always be Number One Hank and Karen One thing you will realize when watching Hank Moody, is the fact that he really does love his wife and daughter. Sure he messes up a few times here and there but at the end of the day his daughter Becca is his rock. In one episode, Hank is separated from his daughter for the first time since her birth and to wish her well, he reads her a story over the phone before she goes to sleep. His love and constant pursuit for Karen (wife or ex-wife) shows where his heart is truly at. No matter how many women he sleeps with, the only one who can truly effect him is Karen. Leaves women better off not worse A lot of guys don’t understand the importance of a manly break-up. Many of us view a break-up as an end and ultimately a way to prove a point or satisfy our own needs. Were rarely able to look at it from the perspective of the one we’re leaving and for that reason we often say harsh, untrue and hurtful things. To put it in perspective, more often than not, were often selfish. And at the end of the day, being selfish is one of the many approaches to die alone. While Hank Moody is considered by many as a womanizer, I believe he’s legitimately just someone who loves everything there is about a good woman.

When watching him communicate with romantic interests, it’s clear that he always has their best interest in mind. For this reason, he’s able to carry himself in a way that many wouldn’t get away it. He’s up front with his intentions with these women and is a walking definition of someone who keeps it real. As melodramatic and sad as this Hank Moody quote may sound, it’s a feeling that many men have… It’s my purgatory, really, inner drinks, whatever. I’m never really all that interested, but I find myself telling her how beautiful she is anyway. ‘Cause it’s true, all women are, in one way or another. You know, there’s always something about every damn one of you, it’s a smile, a curve, a secret. You ladies really are the most amazing creatures, my life’s work. But then there’s the morning after, a hangover, and the realization that I’m not quite as available as I thought I was the night before. And then she’s gone, and I’m haunted by yet another road not taken. Keeps it 100% – 100% of the time I think the one thing that many of us envy about Hank Moody is his ability to always keep it real. Often times we’re afraid to be childish or make a fool of ourselves. While every person enjoys playing, flirting and acting child-like (not childish) we often turn our back on the things we really want. In turn, we end up doing things that we don’t necessarily want too simply because it’s “the way things work.” While this may be an extreme example, in one episode, Hank Moody didn’t take well to a guy chatting on his phone during a movie. He reaches over the seat, grabs the guys phone, and throws it across the cinema after he refused to get off the phone when Hank asked nicely.

Hank did what many of us often wish we could ourselves to doing. He acts on emotion and does whatever it is he wants. He’s authentic, transparent and most importantly, he keeps it real.