Is Valentine’s Day Too Much Pressure For A New Relationship?

Is Valentine’s Day Too Much Pressure For A New Relationship?

So I logged on and there are a lot of damn questions. So I’m going to answer a few of them and um… post them here. The Urban Dater, what made you smile today? – The Lovely Tanaj. Oh lovely Tanaj, thanks for your question. Having coitus made me smile today, not only that but it made me shriek in pain after I affectionately called my girlfriend a “turd.” (note to self – stop calling girlfriend “turd”) Sex. – It’s questions like these that really make me question the whole QA process over at Formspring. I mean, it wasn’t even posed as a question. Are they asking about my specific sexuality? No? It’s just “sex.” When I see it written it reminds me of how I used to whack off to the late night commercials with the women pimping the party line phone numbers for “hip singles.” Yeah, okay.

I called one of those before and, really, it was a horrible experience. The hot lady I was talking to, was most definitely a dude. I mean, c’mon, the throaty voice graveled by years of chain smoking was the first give away. The second give away was that the person on the line knew all-to-well what sexual buttons to push. I was certainly aroused… Um… Which brings me to our next question… How do I know I’m gay? – Hrmm. It’s among those things that if you have to ask… well.stripchat user colors Really? Are you gay? You don’t know and you want to find out, eh? I really don’t care. But when you figure it out, let’s get an ice cream!Given that I’m a guy that likes to press the action, I’d be aggressive in determining the answer. That is, I’d find a dude to produce out with; one who is good looking, smells of cranberries and honeysuckle, like Fredward Michaels, the QB of our football, in high school. He was tall, dashing and had a mullet and a winning smile and was Are you gay or not? I really don’t care.

But when you figure it out, let’s get an ice cream! popular amongst the ladies. I imagine that the exchange of spit would be a telling sign as to whether or not I was gay… Then again I am a jackass and certainly have no first hand knowledge on the topic of identifying ones own sexuality. We don’t decide to be gay. We are or we aren’t. Allegedly simple, right? I imagine there would have been some other things that cropped up in my life to produce me question my sexuality and what side of the tracks I truly belonged. The truth is that I really don’t know the answer to your question. I’m reminded of a conversation my late grandmother and I had, when I was in 8th grade. “Mijo, are you gay?” I snickered as she held my gaze with great intent. “Um, no, Nana.

I’m not gay,” I replied. She offered, “Well, son, if you were, that would be okay. I enjoy you no matter what.” I don’t really share that story and now I have. Just know that regardless of whether or not you’re gay, people are still going to love you a whole lot! The answers will come. If Joey Greco can’t catch your cheating man, he probably ain’t cheating… Just sayin’ How do I know if my man is cheating? I answer this question, the same way all of the times.

JOE EFFING GRECO! Put that annoying little puss-wad of a man on the case and have him browbeat the truth out of your potentially-cheating man. If your man loves you and respects you, he does things that bring you two closer together and not the things that drive you further apart. You could offer to smell his dick after he comes back from the bar. Whoa, whoa! Hold on there Bolsa Chica. You asked and I’m telling you my opinion! Shut up!! What are some good sentences to impress a girl? Great question, brochacho, and have I got a few good ones for you!! Good sentence one >> I’m disease free. Good Sentence Two >> My name is Chuck and I’m here to f*ck. Good Sentence Three >> On a more serious note, my lovely girlfriend offers this: “Be sincere and special. ‘Can I take you out for coffee?’” Don’t settle for the cheese. Be sincere avoid the whole eye complimenting thing, you tool. Well, that’s it for now, kids.

So join us next time for a totally awesome headshot of Joey Greco and more questions from freakin’ Formspring. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Asides, Questions and Answers Tagged in: daters, drugs, joey greco, questions, rock and roll, Sex, sexuality “They love it when I talk dirty to them”. I’m sure you’ve all heard someone say it. They lean in over the table at some sort of establishment that sells alcohol, they look left and right, then they say it, nod ever so slightly, and lean back.

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It’s not just something that lads say to one another in close proximity to a televised football game, either. When I’m sat alone at a bar and slyly watch people doing this there’s almost an equal split of guys to girls telling their pals about it – despite what some stereotypes would have you imagine. So maybe we all just love a bit of dirty talk?

That would be a fine statement to produce if I could pin it down. Because what exactly is “dirty talk”? Why do people do it? How is it done? Allow me to whip away that curtain of mystery, tear it into pieces and then shower them down on you as if to celebrate the intense sexual party that is bound to ensue. Well, what does it mean to be “dirty”? Google tells us to be dirty means to be “covered or marked with an unclean substance” – which sounds pretty dirty on its own! Dirty talk in the context of flirtation and sex probably derives from dirtying your soul with sin – and sexy sin at that. The talk is slutty and it’s bad – but the point is that’s what makes it fun. It is critical to make the distinction between talking dirty and cursing like a sailor, though. You’ve all probably heard the joke where the child asks the mother what the dirtiest word she knows is and she says “mud”, and the grandmother overhears this and drops a c-bomb, saying that’s the dirtiest word that she can think of. While it is a pretty dirty word to use, it’s not always going to go down well when trying to solicit someone into the bedroom, or trying to solicit them to achieve greater sexual gratification during the act. Dirty talk doesn’t always have to be as crude and dirty as it can get, and more often than not it’s better if it isn’t anyway. Dirty doesn’t always have to mean the words themselves are “unclean” – the intent behind them is enough.

All words are simply a form of communication, and may be used to display intent. The true part of your communication that has to be dirty are not necessarily the words – but the intent behind them. Simply put: it is not sexually exciting for someone to say they want to fuck you, unless the thought of fucking is something that excites you. This is how you can get creative with your dirty talk. You can leave the f-word at the door and play around with the way you bridge that gap between the words and the intent you wish to display with those words. This is how you can adapt your dirty talk to fit the needs of different types of lovers. Sure, some people might want you to cuss more than Reservoir Dogs, others might want you to tell them things in French – different forms of dirty talk will produce different reactions from different people. Find something you and your lover can both enjoy. In summary, talking dirty is just a way of communicating sexual intent to someone else. But the fun comes in how you employ that communication. It’s definitely something that is quite variable and will require some assessment of the waters before you will get it right.

One tip is to start out light, funny, and flirtatious, and work your way up to the really blunt, dirty and raw stuff unless you find the happy limit. Working your way down the other way would just be really confusing.   Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Sex Tagged in: bedroom talk, dirty talk, flirt, flirtation, hook-ups, lexicon, naughty, pillow talk, Relationships, Sex, sin, syntax, talking dirty, words How to woo a woman varies for person to person. Some are easily wooed while others require patience and, I’m sad to say, money. Not all women are that self-centered however and generally wooing is easy and quite cheap. It is important to understand that most women think with their emotions while their male counterparts operate physically. This is the reason more women cry in sad movies than guys. It is also the reason men a considered by some women as insensitive. So, if you understand that women have “feelings”, make use of those feelings to woo her. Let’s look at some wooing techniques. #1. Flowers and gifts are great and will make her happy for a short time – Don’t let yourself get talked into buying unnecessary luxury items in an effort to woo her. Gifts should be given on special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. If a woman expects you to present her with gifts constantly, then it is time you looked for someone else. Wooing a woman should be touching her heart not pandering to her every whim.

Writing love letters poems and doing other creative things will endear her more to you in the long run. She’ll feel that she is able to “touch” your feelings and this will eventually, bring her more pleasure than an expensive T-shirt. #2. Romantic evenings certainly are a must when wooing a woman – To feel like a princess for an evening mentally transfers her back to her childhood. You can spoil her. A candle lit dinner in a posh restaurant will make her feel like she is in some sort of idyllic dream. If there is live music in the restaurant, find out if the band can play the music she often listens to.

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It doesn’t have to be her favorite it just has to be music that she knows and enjoys. Music, as you know, sparks memories and with these memories again fresh in her mind she will feel wooed. Following a romantic dinner take her to a place where there is a view. The top of a building where she can gaze upon the colors of a city far below or to a beach and let her wad through ankle deep water and feeling the coolness of the sea sooth her tired feet. As you walk with her tell her a love story – if you don’t have one, make one up; use your imagination. #3. Complimenting her often is one of the best ways of wooing a woman – It is also the oldest.

every person, women especially, love being complimented. It doesn’t matter whether it is just flattery or whether you’re speaking from the heart. The point is you’ve made an effort to produce her feel good and this is what she should appreciate more than the words. She’ll joke that your words are flattery but in reality she is very happy. Finally, when you’re alone together some place and the time is right, take her in your arms, whisper in her ear how much she means to you then let things happen naturally. The above three points are, what I believe, to be the most effective approaches to woo a woman and get her to like you more. Make her feel she is a queen in a castle you have built. You have given her your riches of love, understanding and patience and she in turn gives you hers.

And, if at some point, you marry this angel of grace, hold on to those same riches and your daily life will gather pace. How to woo a woman depends entirely on how far a man is prepared to go. I, myself, am prepared to go all the way. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook9Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: how to woo, woo a woman Sometimes, the world is a scary place. There are plenty of things that it’s perfectly acceptable to be terrified of. We can easily explain why we’re afraid of violence, heights, wild animals – it’s the danger associated with them. Even fears of creepy-crawlies or crowded spaces are somewhat understandable. However, there’s one fear that most modern men have which makes almost no sense at all… The fear of a beautiful female.

We’ve all been victims of an intimidating-ly attractive vixen. The type of lady you can’t take your eyes off, but daren’t make a move on. Typically, you’ll think of a million things to say, replay imaginary conversations through your brain, negotiate the best way to walk towards her…Yet, you just can’t force yourself to speak to her. Sometimes, there’s this internal resistance stopping you. The same type that stops you stabbing yourself in the eye. Even if you fight this resistance and somehow say hi, it’s still too hard to hide your anxiety. Your breathing hastens, your brain freezes and your body stiffens like a frightened little boy. That’s why hot women always say they want a man to ‘be himself’…because most men approach as if they’re having an asthma attack. So, what’s going on here? Deep down, we understand that ladies aren’t dangerous. Most men have dealt with far scarier situations. How is it some men can close multi-million pound contracts with business clients, but can’t even open conversations with catwalk models? How is it possible that some policemen, firefighters and war heroes end up as bar and nightclub zeros? The fight or flight response The body’s ‘fight or flight response’ could certainly be partly to blame for their plight.

It’s mostly associated for activating in times of great danger. Hormones are released to increase your heart rate, adrenaline levels and concentration towards the dangerous situation. This prepares you to either fight or escape a potential threat. Very useful. Unfortunately, this involuntary response also activates during relatively safe situations if we’re unfamiliar with them. Examples include public speeches, networking events and you guessed it…hitting on women. If we’re unsure how safe a social situation is, our body prepares itself for a worst-case scenario. This is usually far from useful, as it’s almost impossible to relax. Cold-approaching hot girls is a lottery. They could love you, they could hate you. They could have a huge aggressive husband who wants to fight you. It’s this uncertainty that sets off the heavy breathing, fast heart rate and foggy brain – and ultimately makes hitting on hot women a lot more difficult. How to push past the fear The key to reducing your anxiety is to try to reduce any associated uncertainty. Obviously, it’s impossible to completely eliminate uncertainty when meeting new women, but you’ll still benefit from becoming more familiar with the ins and outs of introducing yourself.

Get chatting with girls in all situations; out and about, by the bar, in a big group or standing alone. The more gorgeous girls you speak to, the easier it becomes. Of course, it’s easier said than done. The symptoms of fight or flight can’t be simply swept aside. You might have to start small, maybe by asking someone the time or making jokes with men. This creates social momentum, which you can use to work your way up to cuter and cuter women. These small steps might seem silly to start with, but it won’t once you’re confidently courting the most gorgeous girls in the nightclub. Eventually, this flirty chit-chat will feel natural enough to not need a fight or flight response.

Taming this fear will transform your dating life It’s tough to admit when you’re afraid of beautiful women, and even tougher to teach yourself to speak to them. Most men won’t ever try. They’ll think they’re above it. They’ll rely on online dating or getting wasted as their only methods of meeting women, and be terrified the rest of the time. They’ll still have options, but it’ll be difficult for them to ever date their dream girl. If you do choose to face your fear and learn to flirt confidently from cold-approach, you’ll be one of only a few dudes that can do it. You’ll have a larger selection of ladies to choose from. You’ll never need to watch a woman walk out of your life and wonder ‘what if’ you spoke to her.

Ultimately, you’ll be far more likely to end up with that truly fantastic female. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook99Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: anxiety, Dating, Relationships Hmm. Maybe it was three or four years ago when my friend, Anolga, told me about this “Crazy Blind Date” website that she had gotten a couple dates from. I looked at it, saw what I could do on it and said “meh… I’ll stick to dating on MySpace and Craigslist, thanks a latte!” I only knew two friends that went on a date from the site. I didn’t because the idea just seemed… bad. You couldn’t tell who  you were being set up with… Lame. Fast forward to today, when I check the OkCupid to see who messaged me. It’s then that I’m presented with a graphic that says “Crazy Blind Date Day.” OkC effectively blocked out all the pics on their site for today, to promote the relaunch of Crazy Blind Date.

Noice. I’ll hold off on messaging the person who reached out to me, in case they are missing something creepy… like a face. In other words, Crazy Blind Date is the dating service that OkCupid forgot about.   Yeah, I look like a fucking creeper.. And I’m happy to report, that the service has not changed. You still find dates the same way. Step 1. Cut a hole in the box… Ooops. Wrong stuff. Let’s try again. Step 1. Post what days you’re available Step 2. Select a venue to meet at. Choose somewhere public, though, it does appear you can only select from local businesses. Sorry. No rape vans, peeps.

Step 3. Select a time Step 4. Wait for someone to hop on to your date… Alternatively you can browse available dates from other folks to pop into. The service itself does a good job of protecting dater anonymity, too. Which it always has, but back then I don’t think people appreciated that aspect of it. But these days, with all the crazies out there, this feature will be most welcome, I’m thinking. The Android app is sexy and simple and looks great on my Gnex. And it’s the little things that I appreciate here. There are a pair of features I dig: Ability to pull up the venue on Google Maps and easily get directions Ability to create a meeting on your Google Calendar for your date, directly from the Crazy Blind Date App. That’s really it.

But that’s all the app needs to be. It’s simple and beautiful. And now I have a pair o’ dates. I’ll be reviewing these dates next week after we see how these all go. Android users, you can download the app here. iPhone users? Eat a bag of #$%^&* and^&*() monkey %^&*^&*(*() grandpa %^&*()s. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: News Tagged in: crazy blind date, okcupid Getting engaged is exciting, and it should be one of the happiest times of your daily life. But before you start planning the guest list and deciding on a colour scheme, there are a few things that every sane couple really needs to speak about before the engagement is official; and no, we don’t mean the size of the diamond or the venue for the engagement party! Children It’s the big one – and this applies to all couples planning on tying the knot. Be honest – how do you really feel about kids? Maybe this is a second wedding and one of you (or both of you) already has children.

Do you agree on whether you want to add to your family? What will you do if one or both of you finds out that you can’t have children – even though you both want a family? What are your views on IVF, adoption and surrogacy? What are your feelings about discipline for the existing children you might have and any that you might have in the foreseeable future? Will your new partner be expected to help keep his or her step-children in line, or will that remain your responsibility? Family If you love to spend time with your nearest and dearest, but your other half only speaks to his family at Christmas, he might resent you wanting to spend quality time visiting your folks at the weekend because he doesn’t understand how much family means to you. Family is also important if for any reason one or other family disapproves of or doesn’t get along with your intended. There’s no getting away from the fact that if your parents don’t like your spouse, life may be difficult.

So if you’re making the decision to spend your lives together, it’s worth just one last shot to try to encourage them all to get along. Try to organise a get-together and negotiate a truce. If that’s just not going to happen, ask yourself how you’ll feel if your relationship causes a rift between you and your family, or his? Can you really deal with that? Where you’ll live If you’re not living together already, you’ll probably want to start looking for somewhere to live once you’re engaged. Sit down and discuss all your options. Do you have a deposit for a house, or are you going to have to rent for a while? Will you live near one or both families, or spread your wings? If you’re buying, do you agree on the type of property you want?

There’s going to be a problem if one of you wants a loft apartment but the other can’t bear the thought of surviving in an apartment block.