From an initial 20 candidates, the two 18-year-old finalists were selected in a somewhat lengthy process over six weeks.

From an initial 20 candidates, the two 18-year-old finalists were selected in a somewhat lengthy process over six weeks.

Since then, the company has been in the process of restructuring and has parted ways with a number of subsidiaries. For example, the German furniture chain Poco went to the Austrian furniture retailer XXXLutz. Source:, jpe / dpa “” Still in a good mood when going public: Philipp Kreibohm (left). (Photo: imago / Hannelore Förster) Back chairs at the online furniture retailer: Home24 founder Kreibohm is withdrawing from the board of the newcomer to the stock exchange. He wants to switch to the supervisory board at the annual general meeting in summer.

Major shareholder Rocket Internet supports his candidacy. The Berlin digital startup Home24 has announced personnel changes on the board in a mandatory announcement. Founder Philipp Kreibohm wants to give up his position on the board of directors of the online retailer with effect from the end of March and instead seek a seat on the supervisory board. “The supervisory board of Home24 SE supports Dr. Philipp Kreibohm’s intention at the annual general meeting on the basis of shareholder requests (…) to run for election as a member of the supervisory board, “announced the Berlin-based Rocket Internet branch.

Home24 has been listed on the stock exchange since last summer, and the share price has more than halved since then. After the planned personnel changes were announced, Home24 shares rose sharply. Late in the morning, the shares were up almost 6.4 percent at EUR 8.30. The annual general meeting of Home24 SE, which operates under European law, is scheduled for June 19, 2019.

The most important major shareholder of Home24 is still the startup forge Rocket Internet. There Kreibohm’s decision to withdraw from the board is openly supported. Kreibohm has developed Home24 into the “leading online platform for home Living in continental Europe and Brazil has been significantly promoted right from the start, “explained Chairman of the Supervisory Board Lothar Lanz.” For this he deserves great recognition and, above all, our special thanks. “Chief Controller Lanz assessed the planned change in the founder as a” sign of the maturation of the company listed on the stock exchange since last year Company “.

Internet entrepreneur Alexander Samwer from Rocket Internet will not stand for re-election for the Supervisory Board at Home24 after his current term of office has expired, “for personal reasons”. Supervisory board member Christian Senitz had already left the supervisory body at the end of January “due to an imminent professional reorientation”. There are currently only five supervisors on the supervisory board. The sixth seat is not to be filled again. At the general meeting in June, instead, a permanent reduction in the size of the supervisory board to five members will be voted on.professional biology essay writing services Lothar Lanz remains chairman of the supervisory board.

The other members are Magnus Agervald, Verena Mohaupt, Francesco Danesi, and – until the Annual General Meeting – Alexander Samwer, whose place could then be taken over by Kreibohm. Kreibohm will remain on the Home24 board until his departure at the end of March for the areas of personnel, law and ” Business Development “responsible. His tasks will then be divided among the three co-bosses Marc Appelhoff, Christoph Cordes and Johannes Schaback. Home24 prematurely extended the contract with Schaback for another two years. Most recently, the company had caused additional unrest among shareholders with a slightly corrected outlook. The increase in sales should only be in a range between plus 18 to plus 19 percent in the past year, it was said in mid-January, instead of the previously forecast 25 to 31 percent. Home24 published the detailed annual financial report for 25.

April announced. Source:, mmo / DJ “It started with teddy bears – meanwhile Steiff also sells clothes and soon even furniture. (Photo: picture alliance / Stefan Puchne) It has already worked with the sale of children’s clothes. Now will Stuffed animal company Steiff is bringing another product group onto the market: children’s furniture. But the advance into new segments should not be over yet. The toy manufacturer Steiff, known for its cuddly toys, will also sell furniture in the future. “In 2019 there will be baby and children’s rooms from Steiff”, said the managing director of Steiff Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Peter Hotz, of “Welt am Sonntag”. Initially, the range includes a bed, a cupboard, a sideboard and a changing table with a soft headboard in a teddy look. “The fashion business works with you the name Steiff, we’ve proven that, Hotz told the newspaper. “With furniture I can also imagine it very well, because we are still close to the child with it.” The new product line will be manufactured by the East Westphalian company Wellemöbel. Hotz was basically open to expanding into other product groups. “Of course we are constantly looking around the market,” he told the newspaper. But there are also limits: “I can’t imagine electronics with the Steiff logo at the moment.” Regarding estimates that 40 percent of toy spending in Germany already goes into digitized products, Hotz said: “Then we’ll cover the remaining 60 percent . ” Children couldn’t cuddle with a tablet computer or smartphone, “but they could with the teddy bear.

And he listens to a child better than Siri, “said Hotz, referring to the digital voice assistant from Apple. Steiff is increasingly relying on its own stores for sales. There are already 20 such stores in Germany, including in major European cities such as Vienna, Zurich and Paris is represented by Steiff. “We want to further expand this type of distribution,” announced Hotz. Steiff also specifically addresses drugstores and booksellers as sales partners in order to be present in the city centers and to be noticed by customers Furniture stores are a new target group for us and of course online retail, “said Hotz. Hypermarkets and discounters, on the other hand, would not be considered as points of sale.” There have been some inquiries, but we still see ourselves as a premium product that is not in belongs to a wire basket. “Source:, kst / AFP” “” “” “18-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

In the decisive casting show she prevailed against Jennifer Braun with the song “Satellite”. Lena Meyer-Landrut prevailed among the audience. (Photo: dpa) The Hanoverian Lena Meyer-Landrut sings for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest . The 18-year-old high school graduate prevailed in the final of the casting show “Our Star for Oslo” against her competitor Jennifer Braun from Hessen. TV viewers chose it along with the song “Satellite”. The young singer will now sing this special pop number with spoken chants in the style of British songwriters like Adele or Lily Allen at the finals of the international music competition on May 29th. The final jury: Stefan Raab, Silbermond singer Stefanie Kloß and Xavier Naidoo. (Photo: dpa) Her first words after the win: “This is so damn blatant, that is so coarse, I’m shaking!” And: “That’s really fat.

I want to cry, it’s so beautiful and so damn rough. “The high school graduate was considered a favorite from the first show. Your fan page on the online network Facebook had 13,000 fans the day before the final; in the course of the final, this number rose to over 16,000.

And during the finals, the jury almost exclusively praised it: “Somehow very special,” said Xavier Naidoo. “That is worth all honors.” And Silbermond frontwoman Stefanie Kloß said enthusiastically after the song “Satellite”: “You told the story.” The judges were particularly impressed by her unusual choice of music, apart from the mainstream. Her competition song fits perfectly: In the unusual song with spoken vocals and her unusual English accent – a mixture of cockney and cranberries – she can tell the story perfectly in her typical acting style – and thus reminds of British singers like Lily Allen, Kate Nash or Adele, of whom Lena sang some songs in the qualification. Jennifer Braun was the second final participant. (Photo: dpa) The ARD final was the eighth show in the joint casting series with ProSieben, which began at the beginning of February. From an initial 20 candidates, the two 18-year-old finalists were selected in a somewhat lengthy process over six weeks. In total, more than 4,500 people applied for the casting. It was the first time that the responsible public service broadcaster ARD got a private broadcaster on board as a partner for the Grand Prix qualification – and fully embraced the concept of the presenter Raab sat.

He has experience with the Eurovision Song Contest: In 2000 he himself took fifth place with “Wadde hadde dudde da”, he was also successful as the composer of Guildo Horn and with his casting winner Max Mutzke. Many critics praised the show because it consistently concentrated on the musical qualities of the candidates and did not degenerate into the “humiliation TV” that is often observed at castings, in which the participants are shown. Others criticized the Raabschen “petting zoo”, in which the musicians’ juries treated the singers with too much criticism and almost only distributed praise. Source:, dpa “Runs in Lena’s studio, but not fast enough to advance the album (Photo: imago / APP-Photo) The fans of Lena Meyer-Landrut have to be patient. The singer has now postponed her tour for a second time. Actually, the singer wanted to tour with new songs in October go.

But now she has to put her fans off until spring 2019. The reason: The planned album is not yet ready, as she herself announced. As a consolation, all fans who already have a ticket for the tour can also go to a cancellation concert by the Eurovision song contest winner at the end of the year. Read more about the story here. Source: “” Lena Meyer-Landrut. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Lena Meyer-Landrut and her friend Max von Helldorff go their separate ways after eight years. The singer announced on Instagram.

In her post she wrote: “Before it is discussed in the press or otherwise carried out, I would like to briefly inform you that Max and I are no longer together.” You can read more about this here. Source: ” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Lena Meyer-Landrut “An unequal couple: Lena Meyer-Landrut and Daniel Theis. (Photo: dpa) Just a few weeks ago, Lena Meyer-Landrut was in tears . The reason: creative difficulties. The singer canceled all concerts. Now she has finished her creative break. Source: “Mövenpick Holding sells its hotels in 27 countries. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) All 84 Mövenpick Holding hotels are set to change hands this year.

With this, the group is selling an entire division that was already being expanded. The buyer Accor wants to profit quickly from the takeover. Mövenpick Holding sells its hotel division to the Accor Group. The French are acquiring 84 hotels with more than 20,000 rooms in 27 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The sales price of the hotels is 560 million Swiss francs (467 million euros), as Mövenpick announced. 42 more hotels are to be opened by 2021.

Overall, Mövenpick Hotels employs Resorts around 16,000 employees. With the integration into the French group with 4,300 hotels, resorts and residences in 100 countries, the division’s growth will be further accelerated. Accor buys Mövenpick Hotels Resorts from Mövenpick Holding and Kingdom Holding. AccorHotels SA announced that the takeover should have a positive effect on profits from the first year. Subject to the approval of the competition authorities, the transaction will close in the second half of 2018. Mövenpick will gain access to Accor’s customer loyalty program and benefit from new sales channels. The antitrust authorities have yet to approve the purchase.

The other Mövenpick divisions Fine Foods, Mövenpick Wein and Marché International are not affected by the purchase. Source:, fhe / dpa / DJ “Federal Finance Minister Schäuble is not at a loss for a strong comparison. And as far as his budget is concerned, he stays there If you put both together, the result is: Defense Minister Guttenberg does not get what he wants. After all, the baron is only a “phenomenon” like Lena Meyer-Landrut. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble remains closed in the dispute with Defense Minister Karl-Theodor Guttenberg on savings in the armed forces on his tough course.

Schäuble told “Zeit” that the current financial planning would continue. As part of the austerity package, the Ministry of Defense must save a total of 8.3 billion euros by the end of 2014. According to Guttenberg, the politically agreed number of 185,000 soldiers cannot do that. “Even I cannot override the basic arithmetic operations,” said Schäuble.

Guttenberg originally started with the idea of ​​reducing the number of professional and temporary soldiers to 163,500. Then it became 185,000. That was politically wanted, but it costs more: “That is why our joint decision is: up to 185,000 soldiers within the framework of the current financial planning.” When asked whether there could be a concession for Guttenberg, Schäuble replied: “The coalition has decided that it remains with the current financial planning. ” Under no circumstances could the net new debt be increased, he emphasized. According to the Bundeswehr Association, the savings targets endanger Germany’s international reputation and are therefore dubious, said association chief Ulrich Kirsch. The money could only be used to pay for an army with 110,000 to 120,000 soldiers. With a view to the desired permanent seat on the UN Security Council, Germany would make a fool of itself, said Kirsch.

In addition, the German Navy must contribute to the security of the seas. “We are a trading nation. We need open sea routes.” With the savings targets, participation in securing the sea routes will not be possible. Kirsch demanded clarity from Guttenberg about the future course. Military service advisors do not know what to say to those interested in volunteering in the armed forces. According to information from commanders, there will be problems with young talent from the middle of the year.

  The abolition of conscription was “knitted with a hot needle”. Schäuble took the opportunity to draw parallels between the success of Grand Prix winner Lena Meyer-Landrut and Guttenberg’s popularity.