Because stopping smoking extends your life at a later point in time

Because stopping smoking extends your life at a later point in time

High sales

The US company Pfizer posted sales of $ 277 million with Chantix in the first three months of the current year. In 2007, Chantix brought the company $ 883 million in revenue.

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Photos of smoke-blackened lungs are said to shock smoking. (Photo: Department of Health) Pictures of black-smoked lungs, sprawling tumors in the gums and even dead smokers: in Great Britain such photos will be mandatory on cigarette packs from October. The motifs will replace written warnings. The words “Smoking kills”, however, will still appear on the front of the pack. We’ll show you which photos are supposed to spoil British smokers’ lust for smoke.

Photo series Shaking pictures from England

Horror photos chosen by myself

The British selected the pictures themselves: 42 drastic photos were available on the website of the British Ministry of Health. People were asked to choose the most shocking photo. So far only in Belgium have there been drastic photos on cigarette packs. The UK is the first country to want to use shock photos on all tobacco products to deter people from smoking.

European Union provides the pictures

The images are based on an EU regulation. This has allowed the member states to replace text warnings with images since 2001. “The images are made available by the EU. A government can only select the images from this collection,” says the spokeswoman for the EU Commission in the field of health Nina Papadoulaki. There are already considerations to strengthen the regulation so that every country must introduce such images. “However, this decision will not be made before 2009,” said the spokeswoman.

Study: shock helps against addiction

Scientific results prove that the EU and the UK Ministry of Health are right: A study of 15,000 smokers in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada shows that smokers can be influenced by frightening photos. Photos of proliferating lung tumors and a cancerous mouth are most effective. This is what the research team led by Dr. David Hammond from the University of Waterloo in Canada. The British were most influenced, according to Hammond. The English cancer researcher Robert West told the BBC that these advertisements would quit up to 10,000 smokers each year.

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First the bad news: smokers live an average of ten years less than non-smokers. Now the good thing: anyone who quits smoking before the age of 35 can become as healthy as a non-smoker and has roughly the same life expectancy. This follows from an extensive American study that followed the influence of smoking on mortality in 20,000 men and women. The test subjects were given medical support over the years and asked about their smoking habits. It showed that even those who do not manage to put an end to their smoking career by their mid-thirties still have a chance. Because stopping smoking extends your life at a later point in time.

Expert tips This is how quickly the body recovers

The body regenerates

Truls Östbye and Donald Taylor from Duke University in Durham (USA) published their study results in the journal “Health Service Research”. It was confirmed that smoking is clearly related to life expectancy and remaining healthy years. “Ex-smokers felt healthier and lived longer on average than smokers,” explains Östbye. The state of health of the participants who had stopped before the age of 35 showed no difference to those who never had a smoldering stick in their hands.

Stop and gain years of life

It is always worth quitting, even if you are already sick.argumentitive essay topics The study confirms this: even those who quit at 60 can correct life expectancy upwards by three years. Those who continue to smoke, on the other hand, die up to ten years earlier. What most smokers do not know: The major risks for the lungs and blood vessels are also reduced again if the harmful smoke is gone. After all, one in four smokers will develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in their lifetime. This was the result of a long-term study by the British Medical Association (BMA). The disease is considered incurable and is now the third most common cause of death in Europe.

Warning signs are shortness of breath and coughing

According to estimates by experts, six million people in Germany suffer from COPD. Symptoms are shortness of breath, cough that does not go away over long periods of time, often in connection with sputum. In those affected, the bronchi are narrowed and produce excessive amounts of mucus, which hinders the flow of air when you exhale. The result is shortness of breath, which in advanced disease also sets in with light physical exertion. In order not to put any further strain on the chronically damaged bronchial tubes, doctors recommend that people with COPD stop smoking immediately.

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Video shock photos on cigarette packets Stop smoking For those who find it hardest to quit

Many smokers plan to quit addiction. It is easy for some, others start smoking again after a few days because the addiction is too great. The test carried out by the Swedish doctor Dr. Karl Olov Fagerström. “This test is a simple yet very precise instrument to determine nicotine addiction,” says psychologist Peter Lindinger, addiction expert at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. How strong is your addiction? Take the test here: How addicted are you to nicotine?

It has long been proven that smoking is harmful to health and it is on every box. But it doesn’t deter. But if you can’t get rid of the unhealthy glow, you can at least reduce your risk of cancer – with the right diet. This is shown by an American nutrition and cancer study with over 180,000 participants. The result: smokers who frequently ate onions, apples, berries and kale, reduced the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. By almost 60 percent compared to those who rarely ate these fruits and vegetables. You can also compensate for health risks with other foods. We’ll tell you the best foods for smokers. Click your way through.

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Food with anti-cancer effects

“Smokers in particular benefit from a diet rich in flavonol. Smokers who ingested many of these phytochemicals with their food were even able to reduce their risk by 59 percent compared to smokers with low consumption, ”says Ute Nöthlings, who led the study in cooperation with the German Institute for Nutritional Research. In non-smoking study participants who increasingly resorted to healthy foods, the risk of pancreatic cancer decreased by 23 percent. The effects are presumably strongest in smokers, as this group already has an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, said Nöthlings.

Colorful and healthy

But in which foods are there particularly many of the anti-cancer substances? “The hallmark of the so-called flavonoids is that they give fruit and vegetables a strong green, yellow or blue color. This is why they are particularly found in intensely colored fruits and vegetables such as red grapes, yellow peppers, aubergines, but also in apples, pears and onions” says Isabelle Keller from the German Nutrition Society (DGE). More and more studies are proving that these plant substances have a health-promoting effect: “We suspect that their antioxidant effect has positive effects on cardiovascular diseases and some cancers,” explains the nutrition expert. The healthy substances are not only found in fruit and vegetables, but also in coffee, tea, red wine and chocolate.

Chocolate protects smokers’ hearts

Chocolate can also be good for smokers’ hearts, as doctors found out in a study at the University Hospital Zurich. Dark chocolate can therefore have a positive effect on the risk of heart attacks in smokers. According to the results, consuming 40 grams of dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 74 percent improves the function of the inner walls of the blood vessels as well as the so-called antioxidant status. At the same time, the chocolate reduces the sticking together of blood platelets. The positive effect on blood flow lasts more than eight hours, the experts said. This is presumably due to the fact that the antioxidants of the polyphenol type contained in cocoa could reduce oxidative stress. The scientists examined 25 healthy smokers with an average age of 26 years. Part of them received dark chocolate and a second part white chocolate. The beneficial influences could not be observed in this control group.

Lots of ACE but no carrots?

Beta-carotene was also considered a miracle weapon against cancer among smokers for years, until studies showed that it had no positive effects. On the contrary: smokers who consumed higher doses of the provitamin were even more likely to develop lung cancer. So should smokers better avoid eating carrots and other foods high in beta-carotene? “No, these results only apply to artificial beta-carotene that smokers consume, for example through dietary supplements. You should definitely consume natural products made from carrots or other vegetables and fruits, ”explains the nutrition expert. A sufficient intake of vitamins A, C and E is also important. Because cigarette smoke stimulates the formation of cell-damaging substances, so-called free radicals. In order to be able to bind these free radicals, the body needs vitamins A, C and E. “Since these vitamins are important free radical scavengers, smokers have an increased need here,” advises Keller.

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Smoking: It damages the brain after just a few years. (Photo: imago) Those who smoke regularly get mentally behind. French researchers tested on British officials how smoking affects memory performance. Result: Smoking clouds the brain in middle age and not only in old age, when Alzheimer’s is threatened. The only way out: stopping smoking reduces decay, say the researchers.

Graphics Are you addicted to cigarettes?

Officials in the intelligence test

Researchers from the National Health Institute (INSERM) in France surveyed more than 10,000 London officials between the ages of 35 and 55 between 1985 and 1988. In addition to information on lifestyle, the civil servants also had to provide information on their smoking habits. Between 1997 and 1999 the subjects were interviewed again. In addition, 5,400 of them volunteered for intelligence tests.

The brain weakens in smokers

The tests tested memory, logical thinking and eloquence. The researchers discovered clear connections between smoking and memory and comprehension difficulties in people. Smokers performed much worse on the tests than non-smokers. Another test in 2002 confirmed the results.

Quitting smoking helps the brain on the jumps

For the researchers, there is a clear connection between poor memory and smoking in middle age, write the doctors in the journal “Archives of Internal Medicine”. But those who quit smoking significantly improve their memory, say the researchers.

Good reasons to quit The body recovers so quickly

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Shocking images are intended to deter smokers. Here is a heart operation. (Photo: AP) Ugly smokers’ lungs and rotting teeth: In Germany, too, there should soon be such shock images on cigarette packets. The drug commissioner Sabine Bätzing announced this on World No Tobacco Day on May 31st. The responsible consumer ministry has approved the introduction. The deterrent photos should be visible on cigarette packs and other tobacco products by the end of 2010 at the latest.

Photo series The seven best tips to quit smokingVideo This is how old is cigarette smoke (Source: Lungenliga Schweiz)

Years of dispute about the effectiveness of the photos

According to Bätzing, the relevant images are currently being examined by the European Commission until autumn. Previously, the coalition had argued over the pictures for years. Just a few weeks ago, the drug commissioner doubted that the photos could be introduced anytime soon. In other countries, the warnings have been on the boxes for some time.

Pictures scare off young people

Experts largely agree that the pictures primarily put off young people. “Text warnings work, pictorial warnings work even better,” emphasized Bätzing. “Because a picture is worth a thousand words.” Studies and a report presented by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) clearly demonstrated the positive effect of image-based warnings on tobacco products.

Negative emotions through shock images

The report of the German Cancer Research Center summarizes all specialist articles published since 2000 on the effectiveness of warnings on cigarette packets. “If you consume 20 cigarettes a day, the smoker will be exposed to the warnings 7,000 to 8,000 times a year,” said Dr.