A bang, the first team goes in, shots are fired

A bang, the first team goes in, shots are fired

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Attention fans of historical or extraordinary real estate. The Corleone family’s movie house from the famous mafia epic “The Godfather” is for sale. Presumably the owners are waiting for an offer they cannot refuse.

The Godfather”

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“I’m making him an offer that he can’t refuse” – with this slogan, acting legend Marlon Brando had become a model mafioso in the Hollywood flick. A similar offer is now open to wealthy apartment hunters in New York City.

Purchase price just under three million dollars

The brokerage firm Connie Profaci Realty is currently asking for just under 2.9 million dollars (2.3 million euros) for the house in New York’s Staten Island district. In return, the buyer gets a house built in 1930 and last renovated in 2012 in the English Tudor style with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, pool and party room. The current owner had the house renovated so that it looked as true to the film as possible. Real estate agent Joseph R. Profaci stated that the gourmet kitchen was beautiful “to die for”. The interior shots were not even shot in the house.

In the first film in the Mafia trilogy, the building was only used for exterior shots, for example for the wedding of the film daughter of the Mafia boss Don Corleone. The film was the prelude to the famous “Godfather” trilogy, which director Francis Ford Coppola saw as a breakthrough in the 1970s.

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Career boost for Al Pacino

The careers of well-known actors such as Al Pacino and not least Robert de Niro received a boost with the mafia epic. After all, the film was a huge hit that delighted critics and audiences alike. In 1973 it won the Oscar in the “Best Film” category. Marlon Brando, screenwriter Mario Puzzo and Francis Ford Coppola also took home the coveted trophy. In 1974 the second part followed, which even won six Oscars. It was even the first film whose sequel also received the coveted Oscar for best film. Coppola took his time with the third part. It wasn’t until 1990 that the strip with Al Pacino in the lead role ended the Mafia trilogy.

Unlike the first two parts, this film even went out at the Academy Awards. Some critics reacted disappointed to the film and especially criticized the appearance of his daughter Sofia Coppola. The provider of the famous Fim house should probably be spared a disappointment. The current owner acquired the property for around $ 1.7 million and should make a decent cut at the targeted sales price of $ 2.9 million.

You free hostages, fight behind enemy lines: In times of guerrilla warfare, special troops such as the navy combat swimmers are becoming increasingly important for the Bundeswehr. Selection and training demand everything from the soldiers. Visit to the elite troops.

The shadow warriors

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The goal is the high-rise in the north of the city. “Clear buildings and neutralize the enemy” is the order. Hauptbootsmann Lauf (name changed by the editors) broke off a small branch and is pointing to the satellite photo at his feet. “The region here in the south: unsafe. There has been no movement for a long time, we assume that everything is mined.” The branch drives along the main streets of the village. “You are free to choose the route, the helicopter can go down here in the east. The forest in the north: Insurgents, we don’t know how many.” Insurgents, these are the enemies the Bundeswehr is fighting today. The strategists speak of asymmetrical war. A militarily inferior enemy does not face open combat, he attacks from an ambush, then withdraws immediately. The Taliban act like this, militias in Africa, and the pirates off the Somali coast. >>

Massive firepower is of little use in these cases; the risk is far too great for the population – and the enemy is not tangible.

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The Bundeswehr trains special forces for this new war – the special forces command of the army and the naval combat swimmers. Like the American Navy Seals, these units are supposed to fight the enemy with their own weapons – advance undetected, strike quickly and precisely, and then withdraw again immediately. Hauptbootsmann Lauf and his people are combat swimmers. In the Cold War, their deployment scenario looked like this: A threat right at the border, combat swimmers are smuggled in above or below water on the other side in order to spy out targets, blow up docks or ships, and specifically eliminate opponents. Duty was preparation for an emergency. Today the combat swimmers are in principle permanently on duty – or on standby. >>

You have to expect the next marching order at any time. The operational area of ​​the special forces of the Navy stationed in Eckernförde is no longer just the sea. The combat swimmers are now trained and deployed triphibian, as the Bundeswehr calls it. They operate from sea, on land or parachute over their area of ​​operation.

Your tasks are asymmetric warfare, evacuation and rescue missions, reconnaissance and fighting behind enemy lines.

House-to-house fighting in Brandenburg Now they are practicing house-to-house fighting on the Lehnin military training area near Potsdam. The local fighting facility 1 is called Rauhberg in the exercise scenario. Two main streets, around 70 houses, including the courthouse in which the opponents have holed up. “Houses” is boasted, there is only bare concrete, roofs and doors. The enemy lurks behind the window cavities: remote-controlled windows that simulate snipers and have to be fought. Leave the camp. 16 men, heavily loaded with weapons and equipment, each shoulder an average of 30 kilograms. The men operate in teams of four, each taking on special tasks in action, as a sniper, radio operator, paramedic or breacher who cracks the doors at the destination. The rifle “low ready” – fingers in front of the trigger, muzzle pointed at the ground – off we go. Protected by the rows of houses, the combat swimmers stalk their way to the target building. The opponents do not notice how an explosive charge is attached to the door below. A bang, the first team goes in, shots are fired. The combat swimmers use PT ammunition.

P for plastic, T for training, the projectile head does not fly as far as combat ammunition. Even so, it is fatal at close range.

Hard training, secret missions

The Bundeswehr currently has around 200,000 active soldiers, the combat swimmers include just three teams of 16, and that is not due to a lack of applicants. The demands on these specialists are tough, an extreme selection process should ensure that only people are included who can withstand extraordinary stress – physically and mentally.

Most of the candidates fail in the apnea exercises in the indoor pool, i.e. diving without a device. 50 meters of distance diving is just the beginning; everyone has to hold their breath for three minutes. Brutal then are tests of courage such as diving with tied arms and legs or the simulated discharge from a torpedo tube, in which the soldiers – without breathing apparatus – stuck in a narrow tube that is slowly flooded. Completion of open water training: 30 kilometers of swimming in Eckernförde Bay – with complete equipment. This is followed by training to become a lone fighter and parachutist, survival course, and explosives studies. In the 2011 training year, 48 candidates competed, six later switched to mine divers. The rest either gave up or were sent home. Motto: Better not have new ones – than soldiers who are not up to the extreme pressure. Two thirds of Lauf’s people have already seen him in action. Kfor? Isaf? Atalanta? They don’t say that. Deployments of the special forces “are worth and need to be kept secret”, it says succinctly in the government’s answer to a question in the Bundestag. The Bundeswehr does not provide any information on current operations. Only the information is confirmed that special forces of the Navy have been there since spring when ships are checked off Somalia. Opposed boarding, i.e. visiting without an invitation, is a case for combat swimmers. They also trained to free hostages and allegedly sabotage actions against the pirates’ mother ships. Read more in the second part about the special unit of the German Navy.

Cool, clear and formalistic – what the Bauhaus from Dessau is for architecture, “Porsche Design” offers for the world of beautiful accessories. This year the daughter of the sports car manufacturer will be 40 years old. wanted.de congratulates and has looked around a little at Porsche products for home.

Porsche Design

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Since the 1950s, Porsche had occasionally developed watches, glasses and pens that went perfectly with their own sports cars. In the course of the transformation of Porsche KG into a stock corporation in 1971, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche left the operative business together with all other family members.

Success of a brilliant designer

The grandson of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche developed the groundbreaking design of the Porsche 911 and remained true to his passion – he founded the company in 1972 Porsche Design. In the meantime, the studio belongs again to the car manufacturer and thus to the VW group. Today the label can be found Porsche Design on eau de toilettes, shoes or smartphones. The company is among other things with cooperations Adidas and Faber-Castell received.

This was joined by TVs for Grundig, Telephones for the Deutsche Bundespost and Samsung or kitchen appliances for Siemens. This commissioned work was and is sold under the label “Design by F. A. Porsche”.

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Today’s collection always looks a little chilled and won’t convince friends of baroque shapes. Purists, on the other hand, are enthusiastic about clear lines and straightforward shapes. “Good design should be honest”, was the conviction of the company founder, who died in April this year. The target customer is clear: the man of the world with the necessary change in his pocket. Many gadgets are more expensive than comparable accessories thanks to the name “Porsche”. The products are divided into the lines P’1000 Fashion, P’2000 Luggage, P’3000 Accessories, P’5000 Sport, P’6000 Timepieces, P’7000 Home, P’8000 Eyewear and P’9000 Electronics.In the world Porsche has garnered a lot of awards for design. >>

The tobacco pipes, for example, are legendary, with their cooling fins reminiscent of an air-cooled engine. When it comes to glasses, the models with the teardrop-shaped lenses and the quick-release fastener for quickly changing lenses caused a sensation. The Porsche pram for the little ones also caused a stir, but Porsche Design is famous above all for its watches – initially the company cooperated with IWC, later it bought the manufacturer Eterna. The manufacturer paid homage to three legendary models with new editions this year.

Homage to the Chrono I The “Chrono I” was intended to be the perfect accessory for Porsche drivers. The good piece was manufactured by Orfina in Grenchen and delivered right at the start of Porsche Design a direct hit – the watch was the first ever black timepiece. The caliber Lemania 5100 and the Valjoux 7750 were installed. Porsche Design Now bows to this watch with a new edition: The “P´6510 Black Chronograph” is limited to 911 pieces. The small differences to the good piece from 1972: The watch at that time was only 38 millimeters in diameter, the current one measures 44 millimeters. And 40 years ago the black was only painted on, now it is scratch-resistant thanks to the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating. But for us the timepiece is too expensive at 4700 euros. A clear top chronograph with a Valjoux 7750 can be found with more extras from other manufacturers for half the price. New edition of the compass clock

Caused a sensation Porsche Design also with the compass watch, which was released in 1978 together with the International Watch Company was launched. An anti-magnetic automatic movement was combined with a compass. It was rotatably mounted in the lower part of the housing and was also removable.

Of course, Porsche has also launched a vintage model here: the “P’6520 Heritage Compass Watch”. Nice detail: the rotor is reminiscent of a sports car wheel. The titanium case is shot-peened, plus scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The liquid compass can be removed from the housing. The piece is equipped with an automatic caliber Sellita SW300 and costs around 5300 euros.

The first watch made from titanium

Furthermore, Porsche broke new ground in 1980 with the first watch with a titanium case and strap.